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Meet an Ambassador: Kory Kaste!

With a professional background in agricultural and commercial lending, Kory Kaste's journey with The Twin Town Ambassadors started in a previous job and seamlessly continued into his current role with SVEDA. Beyond the TTA, Kory finds passion in golf, fishing, hunting, and fueling the success of new startup businesses.


Kory Kaste is also 2023's Most Outstanding Ambassador! Congrats Kory!


  1. Can you share a bit about your background and how you first got involved with the TTA?

I have a professional background in agricultural and commercial lending. My initial connection with Twin Town Ambassadors began during my time with a previous employer, and I have since maintained my involvement with them in my current position.

  1. Beyond your role on the TTA, what are your personal and professional passions?

On a personal note, I enjoy activities such as golf, fishing, and hunting. On a professional level, my passion lies in assisting new startup businesses to conceptualize their ideas and thrive in our communities.

  1. What inspired you to join the TTA, and what motivates you to contribute to our organization's success?

Participating in Twin Town Ambassadors provides an excellent platform to highlight the offerings of the twin towns. What inspires me is the enthusiasm and expertise that each Twin Town Ambassador contributes to the collective effort.

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4. Do you have a favorite memory or accomplishment during your time as an ambassador?

While I don't have a particular favorite memory, I consistently find joy in meeting new business owners and witnessing the enthusiasm in their voices as they passionately describe their ventures.

5. What advice would you give to someone considering joining or getting more involved in community service?

The lifeblood of the twin towns is shaped by individuals engaged in community service. There are numerous opportunities to join organizations dedicated to community service, and I am confident you will discover one that resonates with your interests and brings you fulfillment.

6. Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that most people might not know.

I used to curl in junior high and high school.