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Meet an Ambassador: Wendy Kahler!

As TTA President and someone who likes to be in the know about everything in the Twin Town Area, learn all about Wendy Kahler here!

1. Wendy, can you share a bit about your background and how you first got involved with the TTA?

My husband and 3 daughters have lived in Wahpeton for nearly 30 years.   I started working at Red River Human Services Foundation in 1996 and was looking for a way to network and learn a little more about my new community.


2. Beyond your role as a Twin Town Ambassador, what are your personal and professional passions?

I would have to say that my biggest personal passion is supporting my daughters in all their favorite activities, whether it be basketball, volleyball, hockey, choir or church.  I find myself volunteering and chaperoning for many of their activities.   It is a great way to be involved in their lives and meet some amazing people along the way.   As for a professional passion, I would have to say inclusion.  I work with people with disabilities and I want them to have the same opportunities to be involved in their community, whether it is with a job, sports, volunteering, friends, church, or community events.


3. What inspired you to join the TTA, and what motivates you to contribute to our organizations success?

I joined TTA as a way to learn more about our community and meet new people.   I tease that I am just nosey and want to know what is going in the new store or what events are happing in our towns.  I enjoy sharing all the events with people supported in our programs so they can participate in their community.   I love hearing of a new business in town that may be looking for employees and match them up with someone looking for a new job.   I have met so many people being an ambassador and many have become great friends.

4. Do you have a favorite memory or accomplishment during your time as an ambassador?

I have always enjoyed all the fun events throughout the years.   Some of my favorite memories have included the Twin Town Ambassador Golf Tournament and so many of the Business After Hours or Mix and Mingles.

5. Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that most people might not know.

I’m an only child and have only lived in North Dakota.