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Pinewood Kennels

  1. Can you tell us about the history and mission behind Pinewood Kennels? What inspired its creation?

I was joking with a friend one day about started to charge for dog-sitting and he mentioned that Pinewood Kennels was for sale. I got so excited I contacted the seller and went to look at it right away. We put in an offer, it was accepted, and we moved in December 2017. Since then, we have strived to create a safe, comfortable place for people to bring their dogs so they can go out of town and not have to worry about their pets. I’ve always had a passion for animals and am so excited to have gotten this opportunity!

  1. What unique services or offerings does Pinewood Kennels provide to its clients and their pets?

We offer a safe, clean space for people to bring their dogs for daycare or overnight/weekend/extended stays. We provide check-ins and photos of pets during their stay if the owner is worried or nervous about leaving their pet. In addition, we work to socialize dogs during their stays. We also sell PawTree pet supplements to help solve pesky pet issues, such as anxiety and shedding.

  1. Can you share some of the most memorable moments or success stories from your time at Pinewood Kennels?

We have so many! The best feeling for the staff is when we get a very nervous/anxious pet and by the end of their stay they are wagging their takes and giving us kisses! We have grown every year since 2017 and are very proud of that. A lot of our clients tell us that their dogs get excited when they pull into the driveway, which makes the job so rewarding.

  1. How does Pinewood Kennels prioritize the well-being and comfort of the pets in your care?

The dogs’ comfort and well-being are our top priority. We will do whatever we can to help your dog enjoy their stay. We have a variety of kennel sizes, and a separate building for small or anxious dogs. We put in the extra time to make sure your pet is happy and healthy during their stay. One thing that clients appreciate is our communication, as they are the first to know if we see anything concerning.

  1. Are there any special programs, events, or initiatives that Pinewood Kennels is currently involved in or planning for the future?

We are currently planning a “Pet Photos with Santa” event at the kennel and will be at City Brew Hall on November 10 selling PawTree products, gift cards, and taking bookings. We are looking forward to working with Pupcakes by Roars to offer special treats at the kennel, too!

  1. What sets Pinewood Kennels apart from other kennels or pet care facilities in the area?

Pinewood Kennels is unique in that we live on site, which significantly reduces the amount of time dogs are left unattended. It also allows for a more flexible schedule when it comes to dropping off/picking up your pet. We are a family-run business, and constantly have family coming in to play with the dogs, ensuring that they get plenty of love and attention during their stay.

  1. How does your team approach the training and development of staff to ensure the highest quality of care for pets?

We have a very small staff that work together to create the safe, clean environment your pet deserves. Before we opened, we met with Ottertail County Humane Society and Dakota Vet to learn how to best care for the pets and ensure the kennels and outdoor areas are clean. We continue to work with other pet care professionals to constantly learn and grow as a business.

  1. What is the feedback you most commonly receive from satisfied clients, and how does it reflect the values of Pinewood Kennels?

The most common feedback we get is that pets love coming here! We want our guests to be comfortable and happy so it’s really great to hear that we are accomplishing that goal. Our number one priority has always been and will always be the comfort and safety of your pet!

  1. Are there any specific tips or advice you'd like to offer to pet owners in our community to ensure their pets have a positive experience with Pinewood Kennels?

One thing that really helps is bringing your dog for a short visit, such as a daycare day, before leaving them for a long weekend. It helps the dog to know that you will be coming back and can cut down on their anxiety.

Socializing your dog early on is also helpful. We have a lot of wonderful dogs and it’s so great when they are able to play with other dogs!

  1. Can you share any upcoming events, promotions, or exciting news that the community should know about?

ZooBoo is coming up on Oct 28, we hope to see a lot of people there to support the zoo!

  1. How does Pinewood Kennels contribute to the local community or support any charitable causes?

We try to get out in the community as much as we can – with parades and Chamber Events especially. We donate to Wahpeton Elementary School, Sportsman’s Club, Chahinkapa Zoo, Wilkin County FFA, and several benefit auctions each year.

  1. How many staff do you have?

Currently, we have 2 regular staff members and 2 fill-in staff members.

Lisa Hill, the owner, works evenings and weekends. Jenny Page, who is Lisa’s sister-in-law and also lives on site, works weekdays. Sarah Phillips and Angela Delvaga work fill-in shifts and have been a wonderful addition to the staff! You may also see Dustin Hill, Cadence Hill, Shaun Page, Amy Tollefson, Tanessa Tollefson, and Luke Lacoe helping out once in a while! We are a huge family and share a passion for animals - especially dogs!