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Kubela Hedging

Meet Kubela Hedging! Jake Kubela, the Founder/Managing Partner, is a ND farm kid who has spent his career in agriculture. He grew up around his family farm, and still actively participates in any way possible. Read on for more about Kubela Hedging as we interview Jake!

kubela family

1. Can you share the founding story behind Kubela Hedging? What inspired its establishment?

I worked for a grain marketing company for 3 ½ years before starting Kubela Hedging. They were an excellent company that taught me how to market grain and to always keep the farmers’ best interest when making decisions.  Over time my customers started wanting a different type of service with more transparency and simplicity.  So I opened Kubela Hedging so I could better serve my customers and other farmers that were looking for this same type of service.

2. What core values drive the operations and decision-making at Kubela Hedging?

Well to start we have what we call a "Purpose Statement" which is we exist to provide market education, guide and execute selling decisions and increase profitability, while still allowing our clients to remain focused on farming.


Then we also have a vision statement which is that we offer a service that provides the highest level of trust and partnership while never losing sight of our core values and always doing what's best for our farmers.

3. How does Kubela Hedging prioritize customer satisfaction? Can you share a noteable customer success story?

Everything we do is for our customers. Every decision we make affects their operations.  We have to have a high level of trust and commitment to do what is best for each of our customers.  Without a satisfied customer we don’t exist.

kubela hedging grain

4. How does Kubela Hedging contribute to the local community? Are there any initiatives or partnerships that reflect your commitment to the region?

Besides recently joining the Chamber of Commerce, I am on the Wahpeton School Board, along with a few other community boards. We enjoy donating to causes that are meaningful to us as a business and reflect our values so there are various causes we do donate to. As a business, we are always looking for ways to get connected to the community and look forward to building relationships within the community.


5. Describe the team culture atKubela Hedging. How do you foster collaboration and innovation within your team?

Our team culture is one of open communication and collaboration. We are both go-getters who like to produce results for our customers.  We also have a lot of fun at work.  We like to joke around and have a light energy in the office.  The grain markets can be stressful enough.

6. Share a fun or interesting face about Kubela Hedging that people might not know.

The long trains that you see getting loaded at big grain elevators generally have 110-grain cars and are called shuttle trains. They can hold 440,000 bushels of grain each.  They are generally headed to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and are putting that grain on a ship to be exported to different countries. We actually sell enough grain to fill over 20 of those trains, this year alone.



709 Dakota Ave

Wahpeton, ND 58075




M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

S&S: Closed