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KrAz Dance is dedicated to nurturing the passion and creativity of dancers of all ages and skill levels. With a wide range of classes including tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop, we offer a diverse and enriching dance experience that caters to every individual’s unique style and interests.


1. Can you introduce us to Kraz Dance Studio and share a bit about its history and mission?

KrAz Dance was founded by Kelsey Thiele in 2019. Kelsey has been in dance since the age of 5 years old. In High School she had dreams of owning her own studio one day and never knew when, where or how! After years of training with her teacher Kathy Borchardt at Borchardt Dance in Fairmont, MN, Kelsey moved out to NYC and continued training with many dance professionals in a variety of dance styles. Kelsey has years of training as a professional dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer. After meeting her husband Nick Thiele in 2017, she moved to Wahpeton, North Dakota and felt her dreams

of owning a studio will finally be fulfilled! The K and the A in the title of logo are accented for the studio owners first name Kelsey and middle name Ann. The reasoning for the name KrAz (pronounced craze), is because Kelsey has always been told she was a little “crazy” hence the name KrAz Dance!  KrAz Dance is dedicated to nurturing the passion and creativity of dancers of all ages and skill levels. With a wide range of classes including tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop, we offer a diverse and enriching dance experience that caters to every individual’s unique style and interests. 


2.  What types of dance classes and programs does Kraz Dance Studio offer for different age groups and skill levels?

We offer a wide variety of styles for ages 3 – up! These styles include Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical & Hip Hop. KrAz Dance prides itself on training students of all levels starting from beginner – advanced. We have two level programs at our studio, catering to both students who want to take their dance training at an advanced level and compete and for those dancers who enjoy dance but don’t want the commitment of the competition program. Our recreational program is open to all ages and all levels! This past season was an exciting one for us as we were able to begin our Darby’s Dancers Program! This program caters to individuals with special needs, it has been a wonderful addition to our program, and we are proud to be able to offer this class!


3. How does Kraz Dance Studio contribute to promoting health, fitness, and creativity in our community?

We feel that movement and creativity are vital needs of children these days and we have the classes to help fulfill those needs! Each class begins with a warmup that focuses on strengthening and stretching the proper muscles needed for that specific style of dance. We feel it is important that our students learn proper form and understanding of body alignment to maintain healthy bodies from a young age – adulthood. Dance keeps the body moving in a fun and creative way which helps children and teens stay active!

4. Can you tell us about some of the notable achievements or performances by Kraz Dance Studio and its students?

We are happy to announce that we are currently finishing up our 5th season! Wow! Time flies. We are proud to share that our students have grown in their knowledge, performance level and dance ability! Our competition students recently competed at Masquerade Dance Competition in Grand Forks, they took home not one, but TWO best of show awards and KrAz Dance received the Top Studio Award. KrAz Dance has also won many choreography awards, special judges awards and 1st overalls at multiple competitions. In 2022 we took home the National Grand Championship Award for our Junior Hip Hop routine.


5. In what ways does Kraz Dance Studio engage with the community beyond its regular classes and performances?

KrAz Dance has done many different activities in the community! You can see us in parades with a multitude of dancers jamming out behind our float! One of our younger competition groups goes to the Leach Home and has done performances and even bowled with the residents! Our other competition groups have rung the bell for the Salvation Army, created and donated gifts to a family in need through the Richland Wilkin Kinship. Our Fundraising Committee holds an extremely fun BINGO event in the fall of the year which helps support our competition students. Miss Kelsey has choreographed floor routines for the gymnastics program in town and has made guest appearances at the schools and daycares holding mini classes for students!


6. How does Kraz Dance Studio foster a positive and inclusive environment for dancers of all backgrounds?

Our primary goal is to make sure our students and families feel welcome when they walk through the doors of the studio! Not only do our students receive quality dance training in a positive environment, but our teachers also get to know our students on a personal level, which helps nurture a more personalized teaching experience for each dancer.

7. Can you share any testimonials or success stories from students or parents about their experiences with Kraz Dance Studio?

My 3 kids adore each of their teachers and always come home with stories. I recommend Kraz for all dancers-the beginners will feel welcomed and learn so much and the more experienced will have fun being pushed and learning things they never thought possible!

Kelsey goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is included and to work around other events. She always has a smile on her face and makes the studio so welcoming. - Mindi Bruce


My girls have danced at KrAz for the last 5 years.  They both love dance and have learned so much since they started.  Kelsey helped my daughter find her passion and drive in dance.  Dance has truly helped my daughter work through her anxiety.  She loves that she is challenged and pushed to be the best she can be.  The teachers at KrAz believe in each of the students and get to know them personally.  They encourage them to challenge themselves, so they get better each time they come to practice.  I am very thankful for a loving, positive, and encouraging atmosphere for my girls to do what they love. - Cassie Webster


Hazel has been at Kraz Dance for 3 seasons. While she isn't in competition dance, she still very much enjoys the extensive program that Kraz has to offer for non-competitive dancers. She enjoys Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Her dance teachers are very kind, fun and incredibly talented. The program coordination at Kraz is extremely organized and informative which is helpful for a busy parent. We love Kraz Dance! - Emily Ward


I cannot emphasize enough the incredible experience my daughters have had at Kraz Dance. Kelsey is not only exceptionally talented but also an outstanding role model for all the kids involved. The choreography they engage in throughout the year is truly top-notch, continuously challenging the dancers to reach their utmost potential while ensuring they have fun along the way! Without a doubt, deciding to join this studio has been one of the most rewarding choices we've made for our daughters' dance journeys! - Natasha Presgrove

Kraz dance is a phenomenal program that teaches kids actual dance techniques. I have an older competition student and the program has built her confidence and is a very important part of her life. We have enrolled our youngest in a recreational dance class and she absolutely loves dancing at Kraz. I love watching my kids do something they LOVE. Kelsey and the other teachers are AMAZING. - Jessica Mayes


8. Finally, how can community members support and get involved with Kraz Dance Studio's activities and initiatives?

Each season KrAz Dance holds its annual Spring Recital the second weekend of May at the NDSCS Cultural Center. It is our hope that our community can join us during one of the shows and help support the dancers and families of KrAz Dance!



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