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Meet an Ambassador: Jenna Lovgren!

Get acquainted with Jenna Lovgren! A seasoned ambassador, current Vice President, and a proud native of Wahpeton, Jenna is fueled by her passion for community. Dive into Jenna's story here!

1. Jenna, can you share a bit about your background and how you first got involved with the TTA?

I’ve been employed with Red River Communications for 5 years. When Red River Communications started to build fiber to the twin towns a few years ago, one of our goals was to get involved within the communities and build connections as the local telecommunications provider. Luckily, I was chosen to help achieve that goal and my friend and co-ambassador, Amanda Crouse, helped me apply to become an ambassador.


2. Beyond your role as a Twin Town Ambassador, what are your personal and professional passions?

It’s been so fun to build local connections. I really look forward to continuing to help promote (& shop) small businesses. It is so fun to see these businesses take off! As far as professional goals, Red River Communications is busy as ever building fiber and I’m very excited to help all the customers get connected to a great internet connection.


3. What inspired you to join the TTA, and what motivates you to contribute to our organizations success?

Red River Communications has been in business for over 70 years, serving locations right outside of the Wahpeton and Breckenridge communities. RRC is known for supporting the local communities in which they serve- as a Wahpeton local myself- I love helping create that support and bond in my community, too.

4. Do you have a favorite memory or accomplishment during your time as an ambassador?

I really enjoy spotlighting the new local small businesses in our communities! Mix and Mingle is always a fun event to plan and attend as well.

5. Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that most people might not know.

My love language is cooking! However, my kids are only interested in grilled cheese and chicken nuggets these days.