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java jump

The Java Jump is a thrilling caffeine-fueled adventure that local businesses host to celebrate the love for coffee and community. This event is a java lover's dream, combining the joy of sipping on steaming cups of goodness with the excitement of winning a grand prize.

But that's not all—the Java Jump isn't just about enjoying coffee. With each cup savored at a participating business, attendees earn stamps or entries into a final drawing for a spectacular grand prize. The anticipation builds with every sip, as participants collect stamps and eagerly await their chance to win the ultimate reward.

The Java Jump isn't just a celebration of coffee; it's a celebration of local businesses, community connections, and the shared passion for a beloved beverage. It's an event that brings people together, fosters a sense of togetherness, and leaves everyone buzzing with the joy of both caffeine and camaraderie.

Participating Businesses 2023

Fry'n Pan

Golden Rule

Breckenridge Drug

Simonson Gas Station

Healing Arts Chiropractic

Dakota Cabinetry

Red Door Art Gallery

Studio 22 Designs

Total Personality

Drifter Chic

Drifter Coffee

City Brew Hall

Bold Print

Green Apple

Hairetage Hallmark