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ComDel Innovation

Our Wahpeton, North Dakota facility started manufacturing operations as a 3M plant in 1977 and transitioned to become ComDel Innovation in 2007.

Our team has deep roots in innovative technology applications to solve your manufacturing challenges.

Operations at Wahpeton include two buildings with a total of 264,000 sq. ft. with a cleanroom production space.

comdel innovation
  1. What is the story behind ComDel Innovation LLC? How did the company come into existence and what inspired its founding?

Imation was closing down their manufacturing plants. Jim, Carter, and Bruce wanted to keep manufacturing jobs in Wahpeton. With the help of many individuals and groups, they founded ComDel Innovation, and are now employing over 300 people locally.

  1. Could you describe the innovative products or services that ComDel Innovation LLC offers in its respective industry?

Part of the uniqueness of ComDel is that we manufacture products for a wide range of industries, including medical device, automotive aftermarket, agriculture, outdoor sports and more.  Our process specialties include precision machining,  plastic injection molding, plastic decorating, in-mold labelling, thread forming, zinc plating, and automated assembly.

  1. Are there any specific projects or milestones that ComDel Innovation LLC is particularly proud of achieving?
  • Creating an ESOP in 2013 so employees have ownership of the company they work for
  • Maintaining ISO 9001 (Quality Systems) and ISO 13485 (Medical Products) Certifications
  • Continued expansion of certified molding and assembly cleanrooms
  1. How does ComDel Innovation LLC foster a culture of innovation and creativity within its team?

Innovation and creativity start from the top down and can be found at every level of the organization. Being employee owned, each worker is personally invested in the success of the company. We all work together to continuously improve processes and brainstorm innovative solutions to the varying challenges of manufacturing.

  1. Can you share insights into the unique technologies or methodologies that set ComDel Innovation LLC apart from its competitors?

ComDel is a one stop shop. We are able to work with our customers from the inception of an idea all the way to manufacturing of the product. Having a large variety of capabilities all at the same location is a significant advantage for us. These capabilities include:

  • Fabrication Center
  • Manufacturing team
  • Design capabilities
  • Materials Characterization Lab
  • Automation build capabilities
  • Engineering and Analysis capabilities
  • Quality systems capabilities
  1. What steps does ComDel Innovation LLC take to ensure sustainability and environmental consciousness in its operations?

We maintain an environmental management system (ISO 14001) and are certified to this global standard.  This entails continuous improvement of our environmental impact.  We minimize waste to the landfill through multiple recycling streams to protect the environment and our employees.



  1. Are there any upcoming innovations, product releases, or developments that the company is excited to share with the community?

ComDel Innovation continues to support large OEMs and small startup companies.  There are a number of new opportunities with those companies that will build on our technology base and expand our sales.

  1. How does ComDel Innovation LLC contribute to the local community or support educational initiatives in its field?
  • Multiple times a year we bring in students from local schools to learn about manufacturing and the great career opportunities locally and regionally in manufacturing
  • We work with NDSCS, NDSU, UND, Alexandria Tech, and Lake Area Tech to provide students with opportunities for job shadowing, internships, and tuition reimbursement
  • Within the Wahpeton/Breckenridge community we have been involved in events like: ZooBoo, local parades, Trunk or Treat at Vision Ford, Food Drive Donations, Toys for Tots, NDSCS block parties and job fairs, and delivering clothes to Three Rivers Crisis Center and SomePlace Safe
  1. What are some challenges that ComDel Innovation LLC faces in the realm of innovation, and how does the company tackle them?

ComDel faces competition from all over the World. Our technical teams work with our customers to understand their needs and deliver unique solutions to their problems. This has been a cornerstone in our relationships with customers and is a true competitive advantage.

  1. Can you discuss any collaborations or partnerships that have been significant in ComDel Innovation LLC's journey?
  • Local, state and federal officials played key roles in the formation of ComDel Innovation
  • ComDel Innovation’s relationship with local schools, colleges and universities has been an important part of our success in building the team we have today
  • Having strategic partnerships with key suppliers and Customers has played a large role in our success
  1. Are there any success stories or client testimonials that reflect the impact and quality of ComDel Innovation LLC's products or services?

ComDel Innovation was formed in 2007 and has grown steadily over the years, surviving through the 2008 economic downturn and managing our way through the COVID experience.   Having a resilient team that continues to receive positive feedback from customers and having customers reward us with new business opportunities is the strongest testimonial we could hope for.

  1. Can you shed light on the vision or long-term goals that ComDel Innovation LLC aims to achieve in the future?

ComDel Innovation has created a foundation for the company with a strong team, core technologies and an ESOP structure to grow as a company for years to come.


2100 15th St N

Wahpeton, ND 58075




M-F 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

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