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Meet an Ambassador: Brittany Finnie!

With a passion for making Homemade Wine, an eye for design, and a knack for community support, learn all about Brittany Finnie here!

1. Brittany, can you share a bit about your background and how you first got involved with the TTA?

I have been employed with Nielsen Appliance & Cabinetry for 2 ½ years. I have been a kitchen designer for 22 years in Wahpeton. Started in college and still love designing & bringing clients’ ideas to life. I became an ambassador 5-6 years ago wanting to provide a sense of pride and satisfaction to be part of an organization that supports the growth and prosperity of local businesses. I also enjoy meeting new people!

Brittany F

2. Beyond your role as a Twin Town Ambassador, what are your personal and professional passions?

My Personal Passions - I love spending time with my husband Brent & 2 children Gwen & Issac and our dog Bo. Going to our daughter’s dance competitions/Choir concerts & our Sons sporting events. I enjoy ladies league golf, making homemade wine, gardening, & cooking.

My Professional Passions – I thoroughly enjoy helping clients dreams come a reality. Designing involves creativity and problem-solving skills. I enjoy the challenge of maximizing space, optimizing functionality, and creating a visually appealing design within the constraints of the client’s budget & preferences. In the end seeing the smile on the client’s faces is truly rewarding.

brittany f

3. What inspired you to join the TTA, and what motivates you to contribute to our organizations success?

I was inspired to join the Twin Town Ambassadors to become more involved with our community & build more relationships. I’m motivated by the other ambassadors and our collaboration together as a team.

4. Do you have a favorite memory or accomplishment during your time as an ambassador?

Borderline Chalkfest has grown into such a great community gathering for all ages. I have had the opportunity to help with organizing of this event for a couple of years and it is a joy being able to see everything come together.

5. Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that most people might not know.

I have 2 brothers & one sister. My parents named us all with “BR’s” Broque, Brooke, Bryce & Brittany Brew. When we had answering machines in the day our message was…Hello – This is the Brew Crew which animal would you like to talk to?! Please leave a message after the beep….BEEP!